Why law students need to know about tech

Law firm application processes

When I was a law student, I attended a conference at which somebody was speaking about the importance of this thing called “commercial awareness”. “Who can tell me the current price of oil?”, the speaker asked the audience. A few sensible estimates were dismissed as being incorrect. …

Amid all the hype around legal tech, lawyers are doing more document comparisons than ever. Find out why.

I spend a good portion of my time acting as a “translator” between lawyers and everybody else. One of the most difficult things to explain is the “redline”. Not least because it is known by several other names: a comparison, blackline, ChangePro, DeltaView, compare, diff, tracks etc.

The easy bit…

Jack Shepherd

Ex biglaw insolvency lawyer and innovation. Now legal practice lead at iManage. Interested in human side of legal tech and actually getting things used.

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